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Ux writing Projects

New digital customer experience

  • Industry: banking

  • Project: re-building the whole online customer experience, both on desktop and app, for the final users (bank clients).

  • Role: Content team coordination.

  • Key tasks: creation of all UX content and micro-copy for the new online banking experience together with the team, daily relationship with the Digital Hub (designers, developers and client stakeholders), coordination and planning of team's activities. 


Virtual advisor experience

  • Industry: AI and data analysis

  • Project: design and development of a new virtual advisor, crystal, for real-time data analysis.

  • Role: UX writer.

  • Key tasks: design of a style guide system for content creation, creation of all content and micro-copy for the advisor, both in Italian and English, participation to all design phases, from kick-off to user testing, daily collaboration with product designers and developers, creation of Figma prototyping and Lokalise keys. 


New b2c public service website

  • Industry: public service

  • Project: Re-design of the whole b2c website.

  • Role: UX writer.

  • Key tasks: design of a style guide system for content creation, creation of all content and micro-copy, Sketch prototyping. 


Let's App and Innovation Camp

  • Industry: Corporate Social Responsibility (mobile).

  • Project: creation of two online platforms with related learning materials for high school students (coding-centered) and University students (digital marketing-centered). Content delivered included also video interviews to digital professionals from Google, LinkedIn and others, promotional campaigns and the organization of final Hackathons.

  • Role: Copywriter, Instruction designer.

  • Key tasks: Writing of most written content for learning materials, coordination and realization of interviews, scriptwriting for promotional videos, organization of final Hackathons, creation of social media campaigns. 


Content Strategy Projects

Ethalks - Design Ethics

  • Industry: Communication.

  • Project: A series of workshops on the importance of creating and applying a code of ethics in designing digital experiences and products.

  • Role: Content creator.

  • Key tasks: Creation of a series of interactive activities to discuss issues and solutions on the importance of
    applying ethics to the products we design and the services we deliver. Workshops moderation. 


LongTake, a new cinema portal

  • Industry: Entertainment. 

  • Project: Creation of a new cinema portal, with a digital movie dictionary and a social network integrated. 

  • Role: Content strategist and UX specialist. 

  • Key tasks: Creation and editing of thousands of film reviews, UX writing for the first site version, creation of social media and digital strategies, including the construction of bundles for a freemium subscription model. 


Design trends on Behance

  • Industry: Design. 

  • Project: Collection of a series of design trends for years 2018 and 2019 on Behance. 

  • Role: Copywriter.

  • Key tasks: Creation of all contents, titles and captions to accompany and explain design trends galleries created by a group of designers. 

Schermata 2021-12-13 alle 17.05.14.png

WhatsApp for lead generation

  • Industry: Energy.

  • Project: Implementation of the use of WhatsApp as a new communication channel to contact customers for the client, with the objective of lead generation and product selling.

  • Role: Content strategist.

  • Key tasks: Creation of specific communication and editorial guidelines for the use of new touchpoint WhatsApp and delivery of this new communication strategy though a two days workshop with client’s operators. 

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